Michael Ernest Sweet

Photographer and Writer in New York City

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For photographers, delving into the intricacies of the human body is a timeless pursuit. While studio environments offer a natural habitat for this exploration, navigating the portrayal of the human form on the street presents distinct challenges. Yet, as a street photographer, I've chosen to make the human body, in all its fragments, my focal point. My aim is to capture nuanced expressions of human individuality that transcend conventional street portraiture, seeking subtlety and abstraction in every frame. Through candid shots, I endeavor to prompt viewers to briefly pause and contemplate the deeper significance of what unfolds before them. In today's visually saturated world, creating a street photograph capable of captivating and challenging the viewer is a formidable endeavor—one that I persistently pursue. My photographs should disrupt and disturb visual sensibilities, not pacify and please the viewer. - Michael Ernest Sweet

  • Education
    • The Johns Hopkins University
    • Master of Liberal Arts
Michael, I thought my colors were bright, but now I know I am quite muted!
Martin Parr
Michael Ernest Sweet's photos are not sweet at all - they are rich and investigative, with a unique voice that speaks of presence, mystery, and selectivity - a highly personal vision.
Jay Maisel
Michael Ernest Sweet's photographs transform ordinary reality into the unforgettable.
Roger Ballen